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At RM Assessors our history forms part of our identity. We’re very clear about who we are and that we’ve done well to come so far. We know that the past helps us to understand the present, and to create a better future. We are lawyers, tax and employment advisors, administrative managers, insurance brokers, estate administrators and asset managers.



RM Assessors was founded on 2 January 1959, under the name “Agència Ribas i Motje”, which are the surnames of the two founders – Joaquim Ribas i Pujol, an insurance broker, and Josep Motjé i Sala, an agent for official administrative procedures. Their aim was carry out their respective activities in partnership, in a premises located on the second floor of 14, Carrer Argenteria, a street in Girona. Two years into their venture, the office was relocated to the ground floor of the same building in Carrer Argenteria, with the premises also having a façade on no. 15, Pl. Cort Real.

1959 - 1970

Relocation to
Carrer Eiximenis

On 1 March 1963, Albert Romaguera Canals joined the firm, who later went on to become a full partner and is currently chair of RM ASSESSORS’ board of directors. In those days, the firm comprised of eight professionals. The firm’s activity continued to increase, incorporating clients from all over the Girona province. By 16 May 1970, an urgent need for more space brought about the company’s relocation to new premises on the upper ground floor of 12-14, Carrer Eiximenis, Girona. At this time, the firm also began to offer a broader range of services, branching out to become an agency for official administrative procedures, insurance broker, and estate agency. The firm’s workforce now consisted of 14 people.

1971 - 1991

More services and larger premises

During the 1970s and 1980s, the firm’s catalogue of activities became firmly established, and the company branched out into property development. During this new phase of its business trajectory, the agency undertook a substantial number of developments in Girona and Platja d’Aro. It also expanded its premises to incorporate the upper ground floor of no. 16, Carrer Eiximenis, Girona. The company’s workforce now consisted of nineteen people.

1992 - 1995

The company’s consolidation as RM Assessors

In January 1992, the firm further expanded its service catalogue by setting up a legal consultancy headed by Albert Romaguera, in his capacity as a lawyer and labour relations expert. On 30 December 1995, the company’s founders Joaquim Ribas i Pujol and Josep Motjé i Sala joined forces with Mr Romaguera, and they consolidated their services as an administrative procedure agency, legal consultancy, legal and taxation advisory agency, employment law and human resources advisory agency, insurance broker, property manager and estate agent under the name of a single entity: RM Assessors.

2005 - 2014

New premises

On 13 May 2005, the firm opened the doors to its current premises, located on the ground floor of no. 14, Gran Via Jaume I in Girona: a modern office block comprising over 600 m² which provides services to over 4,000 clients from all over the Girona province, including town councils, professional associations and business entities.
In 2009, RM Assessors received accolades from Girona’s Chamber of Commerce, and a “Timón de Plata” (Silver Rudder) award from the Costa Brava Centre Hospitality Association, in recognition of its 50 years in business. Back then, the firm boasted a workforce of over 30 professionals. From its inception, RM Assessors has worked on establishing a network of professional affiliations with agencies from all over the Girona province, such as Olot, La Cellera de Ter, Bescanó, Palamós, Blanes and Llagostera.

2015 - 2019

Further expansion

In 2018, RM Assessors extended its network of branches by opening branches in the city of Figueres and the town of Breda. The Breda branch was opened in July 2018, and is located at no. 1, Carrer Rovira. This branch absorbed the professional practice of Ms Fina Solanes, a labour relations expert. The Figueres branch opened in December 2018, and is located at no. 146, Avinguda Salvador Dalí. This branch is the result of a merger between RM Assessors and the Gestoria Sanllehí, which was founded in 1916.

2020 - 2023


Boasting a team of over 35 professionals, RM Assessors is now dedicated to offering consultancy services to individuals and businesses in a range of areas. Our current team works together to provide a comprehensive service to all our clients across the Girona province. RM Assessors boasts a well integrated Quality Management System, and holds ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. The running and management of RM Assessors is overseen by a Board of Directors, comprised of Marta Romaguera and Maria Romaguera acting as managing directors, Cristina Romaguera as a board member and Albert Romaguera Canals as the chairman.

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We are committed to society and sustainability, and for this reason one of our undertakings includes managing the social and environmental impacts our activity creates.

We also provide support for cultural, educational and healthcare activities.

Our services

Legal consultancy services. Lawyers

The lawyers at RM Assessors defend our clients’ interests in all legal areas and regarding any legal procedure.

Taxation and accounting consultancy services
Official administrative procedures

We manage the legalization of companies and all incidents and give quality tax and accounting advice.

Employment law, human resources and social security advisory services

We represent the company’s interests before public administrations.

Insurance Brokers

We work with profitable and prestigious entities. We work independently from insurance agencies.

Residents’ Associations and Property Management

We oversee the management of residents’ associations and properties.

Estate agency and asset management consultancy services

We offer specialised services relating to the management of residents’ associations, property rentals, and sale, purchase and lease negotiations.

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