Insurance brokerage

We work with
profitableand prestigious entities

RM Assessors provides services as an insurance broker. We work with profitable and prestigious entities. As brokers we work independently from insurance companies, which enables us to defend the interests of our clients. The rates for taking out and managing your insurance policies through our brokers won’t cost you any extra,

and you will receive personalised advice tailored to you needs. We will also assist you in processing and resolving claims.

We can assess and advise you if you need to take out property rental, business, vehicle or health insurance, insure personal assets or take out civil, professional or directors’ and officers’ liability insurance. We can advise on and offer you life insurance, savings and income policies and tax relief programmes. Legal coverage insurance, life insurance, cyber security insurance, home owner community insurance for individuals or businesses. To enquire about any of these matters or anything else related to insurance, feel free to get in touch with our brokers who will provide you with solution that best suits your needs.

Business insurance

Thanks to our experience as an insurance broker and our team of expert professionals, we are able to work alongside our clients to provide them all the support they may need.


Our team of expert consultants is ready
to take your business to the highest possible level.

Albert Valls


Advanced Insurance Technician

Pilar Albert


Graduate in Business Sciences

Alex Blasco


Graduate in Accounting and Finances

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