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The history of
RM Assessors

At RM Assessors our history forms part of our identity. We’re very clear about who we are and that we’ve done well to come so far. We know that the past helps us to understand the present, and to create a better future. We are lawyers, tax and employment advisors, administrative managers, insurance brokers, estate administrators and asset managers.

Comprehensive services

At RM Assessors we group within the framework of comprehensive consultancy the set of professional activities focused on providing the services of lawyers, administrative managers, tax and labour advisors, strategic business and data protection consultancy, property administrators, estate agents, APIs and asset managers.

Ethics and professionalism

RM Assessors is a comprehensive consultancy that offers services for both companies and individuals, with headquarters in Girona, and branches in various towns in the Girona counties. We have more than 35 professionals, we offer service to more than 4000 clients and we have always been characterized by ethics and professionalism during the more than sixty years of service.

Comprehensive consultancy services

We provide the best global service and advice in the different branches of law, both from a legal, economic and financial point of view. We deal with administrative management in all areas, which includes tax, accounting, labor, social security, insurance, asset management and real estate brokerage.

Quality and effectiveness

We are committed to quality management. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and our aim is for constant improvement in the provision of our services. We easily adapt to legislative changes and seek to offer a benchmark professional service both in terms of quality as well as effectiveness and results.

The identity of RM Assessors

RM Assessors for society

At RM Assessors we seek a better society, and we strive to make this a reality every day. We are committed to health, education and culture, providing professional assistance to non-profit organisations, sports clubs and diverse cultural entities.

RM Assessors for the environment

We are committed to environmental sustainability, in order to ensure future continuity wherever possible. To achieve this, we respect the environment and minimise the volume of waste production by employing “the three Rs”: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Some of the entities we work with include:

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