About us

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Since 1959,
defending the interests
of individuals and companies

We’re a firm made up of professionals from different areas: lawyers, experts in business management and administration, administrative managers, property managers, insurance brokers and estate agents.


We work with individuals and companies, aiming to provide our clients with both comprehensive and specialised service, covering all their legal and management needs.

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We give businesspeople
the peace of mind that comes
with comprehensive service

Our team of professionals is prepared to manage companies, whether sole proprietorships or societies, from establishment through daily operations. We provide advisory services for tax, labour, trade and civil issues, handling tax declarations and payroll and defending the company legally when required.


Our team of lawyers specialises in various areas of law and is here to defend the interests of our clients: drafting and negotiating contracts, or intervening in different proceedings, whether administrative, extra-judicial or judicial, at all levels.

RM’s 9 commitments

# 1. Personalised service

Close relationship with clients. Desire to serve.


# 2. Ethics

We are committed to providing ethical advisory services for clients and conveying realistic expectations.


# 3. Ongoing evolution

We’re committed to evolving, innovating professionally and technologically, and continuous improvement.


# 4. Comprehensive service

Our areas of activity include all basic legal and administrative services companies and individuals may need: legal advisory services, tax advisory services, labour advisory services, insurance brokerage, property and home-owners’ associations management, real estate agency, administrative management.


# 5. Specialised, professional service

All of our departments have good specialists in each field.

# 6.  Training

We are committed to training our professionals and striking the right balance between experience and youth.


# 7. Saving costs

Our clients don’t need to hire internal staff for their legal and administrative services, they can outsource them to us without having to turn to multiple consultancies or advisory firms.


# 8. Fair price

We work at a fair price, agreed on beforehand with the client.


# 9. Loyalty

We reward our clients’ loyalty, giving them lower rates on the services of our legal department.