History of RM Assessors

Our history is part of the RM Assessors identity. It is very clear who we are and what we have done well to get so far. We know that the past helps to understand the present and improve the future. We are lawyers, tax and labour advisers, administrative managers, insurance brokers, managers of real state and heritage.

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Year 1959

RM Assessors was founded on 2 January 1959 under the name ``Agence Ribas i Motje`` which corresponds to the surnames of the two founding partners, Mr Joaquim Ribas i Pujol, Agent of Insurance and Mr Josep Motje i Sala, Administrative Manager, with the aim of jointly performing those two activities on the floor of Carrer Argenteria No. 14- 2n floor in Girona. After two years the activity was moved to the premises of the ground floor of the same building, C/Argenteria, 14, with a facade also in the Pl. Cort Real, 15.

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Trailed on Eiximenis Street

evolution 1959-1970

On 1 March 1963, Mr. Albert Romaguera Canals, a later titular partner of the office and currently chairs the board of directors of RM advisors, joined the office. At that time the office consisted of a total of eight professionals. The activity of the company grew with customers from all the Girona regions. On May 16, 1970, the imperative need for space forced the installation to the mezzanine plants of the street Eiximenis, 12 and 14 Girona. During this period the activities diversified by serving in the areas of administrative management, insurance agency and Immobile Property Agency and the company's staff consisted of a total of 14 professionals.

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Services growth


During the 1970s and 1980s the activities of the company were consolidated and a number of buildings were promoted in Girona and Platja d.Aro. The facilities were also expanded to occupy the entrances of the street Eiximenis, 12, 14 and 16 Girona. At that time, the workforce consisted of 19 people in total.

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Creation of RM Assessors brand

The 1990s

In January 1992 activities were extended with the legal advice led by Mr Albert Romaguera as Advocate and Social Graduate. On 30 December 1995, the founders Joaquim Ribas i Pujol and Josep Motjé i Sala together with Mr Albert Romaguera Canals established the Assessoria Ribas Motjé Romaguera S.L. enterprise to work under a single brand the activities of administrative management, legal, fiscal, labour, insurance brokerage, the management of real estate and agency. From that time on it became distinguished with the RM Assessors brand.

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New installations

years 2005 - 2014

El 13 de maig del 2005 es van inaugurar les actuals dependències de la Gran Via Jaume I, 14, baixos de Girona, unes modernes oficines de més de 600 m² on es donen serveis professionals a més de 3.000 clients de les comarques gironines, entre els quals ajuntaments, col·legis professionals i associacions empresarials. L'any 2009 RM Assessors va rebre les distincions de la Cambra de Comerç de Girona i el Timó de Plata de l'Associació d'Hostaleria de la Costa Brava Centre amb motiu del seu cinquantenari des dels seus inicis d'activitat. En aquells dies l'empresa tenia en plantilla a més de 30 professionals. Des dels seus inicis RM Assessors va anar creant una xarxa de col·laboració amb despatxos professionals de moltes poblacions gironines com Olot, La Cellera de Ter, Bescanó, Palamós, Blanes o Llagostera.

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Territorial expansion

years 2015 - 2019

In 2018, RM Assessors expanded the network with separate delegations in the villages of Figueres and Breda. The Breda delegation opened in July 2018, is located on Rovira Street No. 1 in Breda and was followed by the office of Mrs. Fina Solanes, a Social Graduate. The Figueres delegation was opened in December 2018 and is located in Av. Salvador Dal., 146 de Figueres and was the result of the RM Advisory Group with the Sanlleh. Management, founded in 1916.

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years 2020 2021

Currently, RM Assessors activities focus on advice to people and businesses in different areas by a team of more than 40 professionals. Our team is working in a coordinated way to provide an integral service to all customers in the province of Girona. . Assessors has a very well implemented quality management system and is accredited under ISO 9001:2015. The administration and management of RM Advisors is managed by a Board of Directors composed of Mr Narcis Ginesta, Mrs Marta Romaguera, as delegated advisors, Mrs Maria Romaguera, Mrs Cristina Romaguera, as vowels, and chaired by Mr Albert Romaguera Canals.

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