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At RM Assessors, we group together, within the framework of comprehensive consultancy, all the professional activities focused on providing the services of lawyers, tax and labor managers, insurance brokers, estate administrators and wealth managers.

RM Assessors is a comprehensive consultancy that offers services for both companies and individuals in the Girona region, with headquarters in Girona, and branches in Figueres and Breda. We have more than 35 professionals, we serve more than 4000 clients and we have always been characterized by ethics and professionalism during the more than sixty years of service.


We provide the best global service and advice in the different branches of law, both from a legal, economic and financial point of view, to companies and individuals. We deal with administrative management in all areas, which includes tax, accounting, employment, social security, insurance and wealth management.


We are committed to quality management, are ISO 9001: 2015 certified and always act in the spirit of improvement, constantly evolving to adapt to legislative changes and offer a professional reference service that integrates quality, efficiency and performance.

RM Assessors brand

At RM Assessors we understand Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the way to run the company based on the management of the social and environmental impacts generated by our activity.

RM Assessors with the society


At RM Assessors we want a better society and we fight every day to achieve it. We are committed to health, education and culture; while professionally assisting nonprofits, sports clubs and various cultural activities.

RM Assessors with the environment


We are committed to environmental sustainability to ensure, as far as possible, continuity in the future. Therefore, we respect the environment and use the rule of the three errs, to reduce the volume of waste generation: reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Some of the entities with which we collaborate:

Mission, vision and values ​​help identify who we are, who we want to be and how we want to achieve it.

Our mission is to provide the best comprehensive advice service, always thinking first and foremost about your interests. Our interest is yours. Your benefit is our benefit. Our goal is your peace of mind. Our vision is to be a benchmark in the sector of comprehensive consulting for companies and individuals in the province of Girona and for everyone to identify us by our values.


The foundations of our existence as a comprehensive consultancy and management have always been honesty, commitment, experience and professionalism.


Professionalism: Training makes us unstoppable


Professionalism is achieved with good training and supervision, and this can only be done by a professional company. You have to know how to do it to be able to train. You need to train to be able to work properly. Having a human base of highly qualified experts, along with a commitment to innovation and new technologies, allows us to address any need in an agile and effective manner.


Honesty: The first step towards trust


Honesty is the inherent characteristic of one who does not deceive and does what should be done with decency and respect for good manners and morals. It consists of behaving consistently and sincerely with oneself and in accordance with the values ​​of truth and justice. Honesty is respect for truth in relation to the world, facts, and people. This is our main differentiating value, doing things well with total honesty and professional ethics, providing the customer with a quality service with high value and utility.


Experience: The years reinforce skills


Experience is the knowledge acquired through observation, participation and experience over time. At RM Assessors we have a long history with more than 60 years of service to our clients that differentiate our work by providing very useful knowledge and skills in the different areas, procedures and sectors. Experience allows us to know what works and what doesn’t.


Commitment: Liability with guarantees


The maximum link with the objectives of our clients is a testament to the commitment and responsibility we assume in each project. That is why our treatment is always close and personalized, making us part of the team of companies to successfully achieve common goals.

Quality policy

At RM Assessors we are very concerned about quality; that is why we are certified with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard; the reference standard for the definition and implementation of the Quality Management System.

At RM Assessors we offer different services for individuals and companies.


We respond to all needs in management and advice through the business areas that make up the firm: Tax and Accounting, Labor, Insurance, Legal Advice, Administrative Management, Real Estate Agency, Property Administration and Owners’ Communities.


RM Assessors bases our strategy on knowing the needs and requirements of customers in order to satisfy and retain them.


RM Assessors is committed to evolution and change towards improvement, creating new business areas to provide more customer service by continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the management system.


Our management system guarantees a process-oriented organization supported by people who work with criteria of quality, efficiency and performance.


We are certified with ISO 9001: 2015; the reference standard for the definition and implementation of the Quality Management System.


We are committed to improving the skills and competencies of our staff by making all the necessary resources available to them.


All these aspects have led customers to consider us a benchmark, in the treatment we provide them and in the degree of professionalism of the services we provide.


Maintaining and improving this positioning is our main goal as a company.


Girona, March 23, 2017

Narcís Ginesta.

Chief Executive Officer

Our 10 commitments

We are all unique and have specific needs but that is why it is essential to offer tailor-made solutions.

# 1. Personal attention

 Human and personal treatment; close and with added value.


# 2. Ethics

We are ethically responsible for advising by conveying certain expectations.


# 3. Innovation

We are open to change, we are constantly committed to professional and technological innovation, continuous improvement and quality.


# 4. Comprehensive service

Our areas of activity include all the basic legal and administrative services that individuals and companies may need.


# 5. Communication

We maintain constant communication with our customers to resolve needs as quickly as possible.

# 6. Resource optimization

We work at the right price, previously known to the customer..


# 7.Professionalism

We have the right specialists in each of the service areas.s.


# 8. Experience

We have more than 60 years of activity that allow us to have the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.


# 9. Commitment

We are not only committed to our customers and we advise them to constantly improve. We are also committed to society and the planet.


# 10. Honesty

We are committed to always offering the best solution for our customers, always valuing all the alternatives and options we can work on..

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